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One Day Make Up Artistry Lesson with Paddy McGurgan

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Join our One Day Artistry Course and receive personalised training from renowned makeup artist Paddy McGurgan. This one-day intensive 1-to-1 session is designed to help working artists advance their skills and perfect two complete makeup looks of their choice. Benefit from Paddy's expertise as he demonstrates and guides you through creating bespoke looks tailored to your preferences.

During the one day lesson, Paddy will demonstrate the selected looks while sharing a multitude of techniques to ensure you acquire new skills and boost your confidence.

Make Up Pro Store will provide all products, allowing you to experiment with high-performing formulas and learn the best application techniques for flawless results.

,We understand the importance of staying ahead of your competitors. That's why, in addition to advanced makeup skills, we will assist you in capturing your work for social media. Learn how to showcase your artistry and create content that grabs attention and drives engagement.

To ensure you achieve the best possible finish for your looks, we can provide a professional makeup model for you to work on during the training session. This hands-on experience will allow you to build your creations with expert guidance from Paddy.

Choose from a range of focus areas tailored to your needs as our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently create any makeup look requested by your clients.

Book your spot now and take your makeup artistry skills to the next level with Paddy McGurgan's One-to-One Full Day Artistry Lesson. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your technique, gain new skills, and boost your confidence in creating bespoke makeup looks.

Model Price List

Full Day

  • New face £70
  • Main Board £150 

Half Day

  • New face £45
  • Main Board £70