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Illamasqua Beyond Foundation

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Discover Illamasqua's new ultra-lightweight Foundation to create the perfect base. The vegan & cruelty-free formula gives you sheer coverage for a dewy, illuminated glass skin finish.

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, Beyond Foundation draws water to the surface of your skin and keeps your complexion looking refreshingly hydrated and conditioned throughout the day.

The ultra-silky texture blends seamlessly for a healthy looking, glowing complexion.

Available in 25 shades across light, medium and dark, the range is easy to navigate between warm, neutral and cool shades with a shade for every skin tone.


Illamasqua have developed a super easy and simple 3 step system that allows you to identify either the colour you need or the colour you want. It's important to point out that while identifying your shade, look not only at your face, but also your neck and décolletage, as ideally you want your face and body to have some shade consistency.

Step 1

Identify which colour category you sit within, from Light, Medium or Dark. These are generalised categories that can often be identified as to how your skin reacts when in the sun. So for example, LIGHT skins tend to burn very easily in the sun, but will slowly develop colour and eventually tan, MEDIUM skins will tan in the sun, but if exposed to the sun for a longer time, can burn and DARK skins, tend to tan easily and will rarely burn.

Step 2

Identify your undertone, from GOLDEN, ROSE OR NEUTRAL. Undertones can be confusing if you're not used to looking at skin in this way, but it is essentially the tones you have in your skin, aside from pigmentation, rosea, blemishes or when you blush. We have separated our undertones in to 3 overarching shades; GOLDEN is cool, olive, essentially skin that has a little more yellow tone than pink. ROSE is rosey, warm blush tones, essentially skin that has more pink or red within it. NEUTRAL is the perfect mix of both ROSE and GOLDEN tones, creating a beige, peachy skin tone.

Step 3

Choose your depth from 1-3 and in some cases 4. The depth of the Foundation is based on how dark or light you want or need your Foundation to be. So within each category and within each undertone we offer a sliding scale of shades from 1 being the lightest and 3 (or 4) being the darkest.

As mentioned previously, most people like to have a foundation that matches the face and body perfectly, but there are many people that want a shade that is darker and lighter than their actual skin tone – and this is fine! Makeup and especially skin is a very personal, bespoke element of beauty.