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Graftobian Colour & Fluorescent Hair Spray - 150ml

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Colour Spray and Fluorescent Hair Spray are a premium concentrated colour formula made exclusively in Germany. This professional brand gives you bright, long lasting colour results that covers quickly, evenly, and smoothly and with excellent opacity. No wet drippy messes when applied, like you get with cheaper bargain brands.

Colour Spray and Fluorescent Hair Spray are a fast and easy method of dressing out special makeup effects with colour, and great to use for all kinds of character work. They are fast and easy to use in creating burn and bleeding effects for casualty simulation moulage, both on human and manikin skin.

Colour Spray and Fluorescent Hair Spray washes out easily from hair with shampoo, or washes off body with soap. Tip: When spraying darker colours, apply a base coat of white spray first to give the dark colours some "pop" or to appear more intense. To prevent clogging it is suggested to clear the spray stream after use by inverting the can and spraying until clear.

Please contact us if you need a certain colour

CAUTION: This product is FDA approved for skin use. We always recommend a patch test first to determine skin safety and sensitivity. Use a skin barrier product such as Telesis Top Guard, to protect sensitive skin if needed. If a rash or redness develops during or after a patch testing discontinue use of the product. DO NOT use this product in the eye, mouth, or nose areas.

NOTE: Purchaser's use of this product is at their own risk. FaceFX Makeup Supplies assumes no responsibility or liability for purchaser's use or mis-use of this product. Always follow instructions and pay notice to cautions in using this product.