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Depixym Cosmetic Pigment Powder P42

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Want some IREDESCENT sparkle in your life? This is the product for you! 100% pure pigment for creating high impact, high shine, sparkly AF looks! Use them anywhere: face, eyes, lips, body, hair, nails… you decide. Whether you want a dust of shimmer or you wanna go full on metallic. You got this - nobody should tell you how much to shine.

Mix with Cosmetic Emulsion #0000 to intensify the metallic and make them waterproof and long lasting.
Mix with the other shades for an almost unlimited metallic colour palette.

Looks white right? Well this is a magic one, it’s an ‘interference’ pearl, so you need to break it to wake it. The pinky/purpley/bluey unicorn shades come out as you mix it.

Obv apply wherever, we’re not about telling you what to do, just some ideas: Amazing as a fierce highlighter (cheek & collarbone) or subtle eye look.

Use alone and build for a ‘sheerer’, more subtle coverage or mix with Cosmetic Emulsion #0000 for a bold, long lasting, waterproof, high impact metallics.

Mix with other Cosmetic Emulsions for different shades & effects.

Use on top of or mix in with a body oil or moisturiser to get an all over shimmer.

Use as ‘toppers’ on top of Cosmetic Emulsions if you’re more about pigment than the colour. Apply your Cosmetic Emulsion, let it dry, then apply the pigment on top. You get a slight colour show through this way!

We’re not about rules though so you do you! These are just a few lil’ hints & tips to get you started! Now go add some sparkle to your life!

Metallic mascara - combine with the emulsions and brush on with a spoolie. Mix them into the emulsions first so you don’t get pigment fallout into your eyes.

Highlighter – it’s pure pigment so use on the cheek and collarbone and wherever the hell else you wanna apply to highlight and draw attention to.

Eye shadow – really easy eyeshadow, this is the most ‘commercial friendly’ use especially mixed with #0000 for staying power.

Metallic lip –The pigments give the Cosmetic Emulsions a slip feel. Comfort is key.

Nail - dip your nail in & apply a clear top coat on top.