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Paddy McGurgan Brushes 15 Piece Brush Set

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This new set has 15 brushes. The set includes a great range of Paddy McGurgan Brushes to complete a full face & a Beautifully Branded Make Up Pro Store Brush Roll.

NO.1 Pro Large Foundation Brush

NO.2 Pro Medium Foundation Brush

NO.3 Pro Large Powder Brush

NO.4 Pro Blusher/ Bronzer Powder Brush

NO.5 Pro Concealer Brush

NO.6  Pro Large Fan Brush

NO.7 Pro Large Flat Brush

NO. 9 Pro White Blending Brush

NO.10 Pro Bullet Smudger Brush

NO.11 Pro Angle Brow/ Liner Brush

NO.12 Pro Lash Fan Brush

NO.13 Pro Eyebrow Comb Brush

NO.14 Pro Spoolie Brush

NO.15 Pro Lip Brush

NO.22 Pro Precision Eye Blender