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Fashion & Photographic Academy - September 2024

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Key Details:

Date: Sunday 29th September until Sunday 24th November

(Nine Sundays with the final day Photoshoot on a Sunday)

Time: Starting at 10 am and finishing at 5 pm with an hour for lunch.

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Paddy McGurgan Advanced Academy Certification


Artistry level:

Intermediate - Advanced

9 week Fashion and Photographic Academy: £1250

About the Course:

This is a fast paced and intensive Make Up Artistry Academy with Paddy McGurgan and his Senior Team. Turn your love and passion for Make Up and Beauty into a career with the help of award winning Make Up Trainer Paddy McGurgan. This course will encompass all areas and aspects of Make Up Artistry to ensure you are not only industry ready, but ready to excel in your chosen field. Whether it be Soft Glam Make Up, Night Time Make Up , Mature Make Up, Bridal Make Up or Editorial, Paddy and his team will allow and nurture your artistry to ensure you finish your course feeling motivated, confident and ready to begin a New and Exciting Career.


Course Breakdown:

Week One | Natural Beauty

During this week's natural beauty look, Paddy will cover all introductory techniques to ensure all areas are covered, this includes Make Up Brushes, tools, equipment, face shapes, eye shapes, skin types and so much more. This week's look will bring the student back to basics, creating soft, natural daytime makeup. Using a mixture of cream and powder products to create an all-over soft look, perfect for Bridal and Mature Clients.​

Week Two | Full Glam

This week will be a make-or-break look for you to achieve within your make-up artistry. Without doubt, the most requested look Make Up Artists are asked for, is night-time glam make-up. This will include creating a full coverage but glowing and flawless complexion, specific contouring, highlighting and blush and defined eyebrows. Within the eye make-up in this look there will be added attention to darkness, light, transition and adding embellishments to the eyes creating a wow factor for this look. This week is a must for all make-up artists.​

Week Three |  Define your Darkness

Using cream products will be key to creating this look. Inspired by the 1920s the focus of this week will be mainly on the eyes and will create a dramatic cream-based purple eye look. This will require precision to ensure all lines are blended and product placement is perfect. Then finished off with a deep lip colour, matched alongside its muted base this lip line must be perfection. Paddy and the team will teach you the skills to master this.​

Week Four | Time to make the cut

A make-up artist must be versatile and most importantly confident with colour. Inspired by 1930s, you will discover and become comfortable with colour within eye make-up this week. This look will include a modernised 1930s half-cut crease/cut crease, which demands that your blending is seamless and working on adding darkness to the eyes as well as colour theory techniques throughout.​

Week Five | Precision perfect

​This week is an important week to ensure your attention to detail is up to scratch. Within this look you will use a powder foundation to blur and smooth the complexion naturally, however, attention to your lines will be very important. During this look, you will create a flicked strong eyeliner and match this with a statement red lip. These are essential techniques for any Make Up Artist.​

Week Six | Tailor your technique

This week will be inspired by a post-war make-up-loving woman, think, Marilyn Monroe. Using the core skills developed in previous weeks you will add coverage to your complexion as well as add glam techniques to your overall look, for example creating a lightness into darkness eye look, statement lip and bespoke embellishments on the face.​

Week Seven | Flower power

This week will test your eye and specifically your understanding of symmetry. 1960s-inspired makeup will include a full cut crease on the eyes and understanding your client's eye shape and creating your cut to match will make or break your look. You will add pigments and iridescences to enhance the make up as well as pair this look with a flower-power pink lip.​

Week Eight | Knowledge is power

​Makeup Artistry is a fast-paced industry so having an understanding of upcoming trends is a crucial part of staying ahead of the curve. You will be asked to give a five-minute presentation on the Fashion Designer of your choice from the following season. You will discuss the fashion trends, but most importantly the makeup trends. This will give you a greater understanding of the influence the runway and fashion weeks have on current makeup trends and styles. You will also prepare for your Photoshoot looks which will include one bridal look and one fashion/creative look.​

Week Nine |  Photoshoot

Photoshoot with Paddy McGurgan, ACA Models, Professional Photography and a Professional Hair Team .